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    Students must pay their 1st year tuition (5,750.00) in full by July 31st 2019 for the first school year.
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  • Character and Integrity

    At Maranatha School of Ministry, we value character and integrity and seek to establish a culture that emphasizes the need to walk in a manner worthy of the call upon our lives as ministers. We believe it’s important that those who apply for MSM are already walking in a measure of personal holiness before they arrive on campus. We are not a recovery or discipleship school for those who are recently recovering from substance abuse. If you are recently recovering from an immoral lifestyle or do not have a commitment to character and integrity, then we are not the school for you and God has a different assignment for you. If you are in agreement with the expectations above, please continue to fill out the application below. We believe that by you honestly answering these questions, it is mutually beneficially to you and to us in determining whether Maranatha School of Ministry is the right fit for you. NOTE: Answering “yes” to the following questions does NOT automatically disqualify you from being accepted into the school.
  • Please explain:
  • Please explain where you are in your process to pursue freedom in this.
  • Spiritual History

  • Please list a pastoral reference that we can call to verify your spiritual development and involvement in the last 2 years in a church or ministry.
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