1. The Word and Spirit

We believe that the Word of God must be married to the Spirit of God. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on the Bible as our eternal foundation for everything we do AND are committed to creating an atmosphere of anticipation that consistently invites the moving, gifts, and various manifestations of the Holy Spirit. End-time messengers will be marked by their depth of understanding in the Word of God and the things of the Holy Spirit.

2. A Culture of Revival

We are passionate about revival history and absolutely embrace the various moves of God throughout the centuries. However, we also choose to recognize that many of them ended poorly. We love bodies being healed, salvation and deliverance, and many various factors that earmark revival, but we are also seeking to establish a culture of healthy marriages, personal character that matches anointing, and families that are totally devoted to Jesus Christ. End-time messengers will not only carry the fire and presence of the Lord but they will have rock solid character that empowers them to have a healthy marriage and family.

3. The Pre-Eminence of Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone and head of the Church. End-time messengers will give themselves to revealing the unfathomable riches that can only be found in Jesus. It’s not about our ministry but His. Treasuring Him and giving Him the honor and glory that’s due His name is how we measure true success in ministry.

4. Kingdom Family

Accountability and community are at the foundation of all healthy New Testament ministry. We believe in building strong and healthy relationships that foster a kingdom family atmosphere. Transparency and vulnerability are pre-requisites of doing life together as end-time messengers. We will give ourselves to encouraging and constantly stirring up one another toward love and good deeds.

5. The End Time Harvest

We believe in a real heaven and a real hell and are desperate to steward our lives with an urgency concerning the hour in which we live in. We deeply desire to see a mighty harvest of souls come into the kingdom of God prior to the return of Jesus Christ, not only in America, but also among the Jewish people living in Israel. No matter what sphere of influence an end time messenger is operating in, they are a minister of reconciliation and can and will be used by God to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around them.